Here are the stages of the procurement process:

  • 1) Publication of the opportunities program
  • 2) Publication of the RFI
  • 3) Response to the RFI
  • 4) Review of the proposals received by Expo2020
  • 5) Publication of the RFQ (tender) (technical + economic)
  • 6) Submission of the proposal (Expo does not require a bid bond but only a guarantee written that the proposer withdraws from the tender). The validity of the offers foreseen by Expo is of 60 days versus 120 days which is the standard in force for competitions international.
  • 7) Evaluation of the proposals by Expo2020 in a separate form (two different commissions) respectively for the technical proposal and the economic proposal. The weighting it depends on complexity of the race
  • 8) Determination of a shortlist of offers and presentations by the competitors
  • 9) Completion of the evaluation process
  • 10) Obtaining the closing signature
  • 11) Expo issues the Purchase / Contract order
  • 12) Award
  • 13) Delivery and payment. 
  • In order for international companies to participate in the procurement process for the supply of goods and for some services no commercial license is required, otherwise necessary for operate in Dubai. However, once a tender has been awarded, it is necessary equip of a local license. The license, on the other hand, is always requested from service companies that physically work on the Expo 2020 site. There is also a program dedicated to Start-ups, EXPO Live, to finance with 100 million euros, in contributions from 50,000 to 2 million euros, innovative projects, related to the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" and / or ai sub-themes Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability.